by The Sunless Sea

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released April 20, 2015

All music by The Sunless Sea
Recorded at Charleston Sound Studios
Produced by The Sunless Sea & Manny Sanchez
Engineered by Trevor Marron
Mixed & Mastered by Manny Sanchez at IV Labs Studios


all rights reserved



The Sunless Sea Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: No Ghosts
I’m only here to give what you won’t take
I’m only here to say the words I didn't want to say
But if I could raise a chance, a ghost, maybe then you’ll learn to follow

I’m only here to take what you don’t need
The tiny little part of you you never thought you’d be
But if we could raise a chance, a ghost, maybe then I’ll learn to follow

I’m frozen like a satellite that’s drifted from the sun
But I've still got a “fuck you” for all the cheaters that kept on handing out their love
And my brother used to live his life with adventure on his tongue
Well I’m inclined to trace his footsteps, swear I’ll learn from every one

And I’ve seen...
And now I know...
No Ghosts
Track Name: Battles
Feast like the wolves, taste on the blood
Innocent armor, a mannequin love
Autographed and framed up on the wall
Reads, “a little bits left of me, use it up, take all you need”
A match in a glass jar struggling to breathe

This feels like a battle I’ll never win
(We can face our fears tonight)
But you can feel the soldiers starting up again
(We can face our fears tonight)

And we shook like the guns of war, but do you know what you’re shaking for?
We mapped the coast, we lined the throats, we’re set to burn it down
This is all we’ll ever want, this all we’ll ever need

Do you remember, oh, you were young
Chemical ballads on natural tongues
A lighthouse hiding panic in the dark
Oh, I might be a little lost, but what does it matter when measuring the cost?
A mood ring echo in your heart

Wait... Just wait till the morning...
We’ll sink your heart like a stone
Track Name: White Lies & Waistlines
Painted roses on you, Juliet
Wine glasses on the floor
Why can’t I sleep with you in the next room?
Leave them wanting more

Why try?
White Lie

(She said) Buy me wings to fly
Build my reflection in your monolithic light
Smoke in the air but you cut right through
Crystallized shapes leading back to you
I can’t take the pressure, I can't take the pressure
But I think you've got it in you

Static dances on your tv set
Visions block the door
Why can’t I keep you out of her bedroom?
Waistlines on the floor
Track Name: Closure
Can I get a little bit of closure?
I don’t want to sit here on the border
Of where I’m supposed to be, and what’s staring back at me
So I move myself, drown in the river
Where I found the will to move through the weather
And it’s all I need, cause it set me free

So stay away from me, away from me
I’ll douse my heart in kerosene, I’ll light the flame so you can see me
So stay away from me, away from me
I've given all I have to give and it’s gone away

They say time, time, time, why do you torture me?
I've lived twenty god damn years, and not a single one counts for anything
Maybe it’s too much of something we don’t really need
But if you feel it in your blood, who’s to say it shouldn't bleed?

And I swear that I can’t tell a lie
So I’ll wear my burdens like a thorn in my side
You can burn me shut like an amputee
Fall to the ground singing “no one could love me”

This has grown; it’s too much to take
My dreams look better than my life awake
Track Name: Void
If I was a satellite, you were the city
Nocturnal intelligence, you were the spark that built a forest fire
And I know we won’t be long
And I know you can’t be right
But I don’t feel your void
No I don’t feel your void
I don’t feel you

Come on, you can’t be scrounging out for me
I need your conversation quietly
I need the weight I feel inside of me
Need you to dissolve
But I don’t need you

If you were my satellite, if you were the weight outside
I know I was wrong, I didn't mean to send you home
If you were the weight outside, if you were the sun at night
I know I was wrong, I never meant to send you home

I never meant to send you home
Track Name: XO
The light strains to find a bright that could match the gleam of your eye
The struggle remains in mine to turn away
Here we lay in the sand, the palm trees above block the sun, grasp your hand
The current cascading its waves to the land
We dream of contact
I start to speak, but my words get curbed the breath
Because my faulty tongue can’t twist word enough in this broken dialect

I’ll stand up to the world, alone I’ll make my stride
Cause I know we’re in this together
Your hand was meant for mine

The burn on your wrist means more than you know
It fights back the ghosts of my past, they point and they laugh at every step I take
But they’re not in this room, and I shudder to think
Of something as strong as the empathy, cause nothing means more to me
Than a night alone with you

When I look at my hands, all I see is a mess
A fist with a grudge attached to it, to every knuckle pressed
I’ll stand up to the world, alone I’ll make my stride
Cause I know we’re in this together
Your hand was meant for mine